Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone Quiz

Test your Wizarding knowledge with our 20 questions.

The answers can be found in the COMMENTS section.

1)  In which village will you find number 4 Privet Drive?

2)  Where did Vernon Dursley work?

3)  What scar does Dumbledore have above his left knee?

4)  What bird delivers post in the wizarding world?

5)  How old was Harry Potter when he first went to Hogwarts ?

6)  What pets can be brought to Hogwarts?

7)  What is the name of the wizarding bank?

8)  Who has been making wands since 382 B.C. ?

9)  At what time does the Hogwarts Express depart from Kings Cross Station?

10)  Who is the ghost of Gryffindor house?

11)  What did Harry Potter study at midnight on Wednesdays ?

12)  Who is the Potions Master?

13)  What is the name of Hagrid’s dog?

14)  What spell unlocks a door?

15)  How many ways can a player commit a foul in Quidditch?

16)  What did Harry Potter get for Christmas from the Dursleys?

17)  Who made the Philosopher’s Stone?

18)  Which broomstick does Harry Potter use for Quidditch?

19)  What law made dragon breeding illegal?

20)  Where would you find the Alohomora charm?

12 Responses to “Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone Quiz”

  1. amazingmagic51 says:

    1) Little Whinging,Surrey.
    2) Grunnings.
    3) A perfect map of the London Underground.
    4) An Owl.
    5) Eleven.
    6) An Owl,a Cat or a Toad.
    7) Gringotts.
    8) Ollivanders.
    9) Eleven o’clock in the morning.
    10) Sir Nicholas de Mimsey Porpington (Nearley Headless Nick)
    11) The evening skies and the stars.
    12) Professor Severus Snape.
    13) Fang.
    14) Alohomora.
    15) Seven hundred.
    16) A 50 pence piece.
    17) Nicolas Flamel.
    18) The Nimbus 2000.
    19) The Warlocks Convention of 1709.
    20) Standard Book of Spells,chapter 7 by Miranda Goshawk.

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  2. Query on the answers – harry started getting letters BEFORE his birthday, so he would have been 10 surely? Pedantic, but 11 is surely Astronomy (which is evening skies and stars). Question 14 – sorry, but Alohomora will open locked things, wingardium leviosa will levitate them (and not just feathers!)

  3. amazingmagic51 says:

    Well done Aidan …. 5 points will be added to your house at Hogwarts !!
    I’ve corrected questions 5 & 14 and sent Peeves down to the dungeon to be punished by Filch for messing about with the quiz questions !
    The answer to question 11 would have been Astronomy for the later books but the first mention of studies at midnight on Wednesday states “evening skies & stars” as the first book was written for younger children.

  4. amazingmagic51 says:

    Thank you Waylon for your kind words. I’m glad you like the blog. You could be our first Tweeter!

  5. amazingmagic51 says:

    Glad you liked the quiz! It always amazes me how people find the Harry Potter Party site! It must be magic !!

  6. amazingmagic51 says:

    Well done ….. 5 points will be added to your house at Hogwarts. I suspect you must be a Ravenclaw student as the Sorting Hat says ” And then again in Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit & learning will always find their kind!”

  7. amazingmagic51 says:

    Bodacious indeed Mark …. or as Ron Weasley would say …. cool!

  8. amazingmagic51 says:

    Congratulations on your Harry Potter blog …. please feel free to link your posting to the Harry Potter Party site.
    You could be the first to do so!

  9. amazingmagic51 says:

    Glad to be of help Tomas! Good luck with your research ….. perhaps we shall see you in the restricted library at Hogwarts but beware of Professor Irma Pince , the school librarian!

  10. amazingmagic51 says:

    I started as a journalist for the W.W.N. that’s the Worldwide Wizarding Network!

  11. amazingmagic51 says:

    Hermione Granger says that Crookshanks would certainly agree!

  12. amazingmagic51 says:

    Bonfire night is always nostalgic for Wendelin the Weird, who holds the wizarding world record for being repeatedly burnt at the stake …. in various disguises!

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