Amelie’s 7th party !

Saturday April 27th 2019 was a day to remember as Larwood School in Stevenage was transformed into Hogwarts for Amelie’s 7th birthday party …. with a lot of help from the school caretaker who programmed the lighting before anyone arrived. Extra thanks go to mum and grandma who put in a super effort in the kitchen to prepare a Hogwarts feast! Well done everyone for all their effort to make the day such a success!

You might belong in Gryfindor, where dwell the brave at heart!
Wow! Too good to eat …. well done Pauline!

Rebecca’s 9th birthday !

Thanks to Richard and Marion for the kind words in their email which read ” Dear Steve,thank you so much for coming to Rebecca’s 9th birthday party and making it a truly magical occasion. Everyone had a fantastic time,with the words “epic” and “awesome” being used to describe the party. A particular highlight was Rebecca’s dad having his head chopped off which astonished and amazed us all. This is one memory we will never obliviate!

Adam’s 9th Birthday Party at Godstone School!

Dear Steve, I just wanted to thank you again for leading Adam’s 9th birthday party yesterday. He had an amazing, unforgetable time! We were so impressed with your extensive knowledge, your attention to detail and mind boggling magic! Adam loved all the the presents that he received…. one very happy boy!  Thanks again …. Claire.

Abby’s 5th birthday with Daniel Radcliffe’s Lookalike!

Wysall village hall had a special guest for Abby’s 5th birthday party ….. Daniel Radcliffe’s lookalike’s came to her party as a special treat! Thanks to mum, Adele, for sending me the owl with Abby’s thank you letter ….. just take a look below

Ellie at her 8th Birthday Party!

Thanks to Rachel for all the hard work preparing the decorations for her daughter Ellie’s 8th birthday party! Dad’s high tech video projector added a touch of magical theatre to the back wall of the performing area as Ellie performed close up magic for all her friends….. with a little help by our professor ….. Well done Ellie!

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