Abby’s 5th birthday with Daniel Radcliffe’s Lookalike!

Wysall village hall had a special guest for Abby’s 5th birthday party ….. Daniel Radcliffe’s lookalike’s came to her party as a special treat! Thanks to mum, Adele, for sending me the owl with Abby’s thank you letter ….. just take a look below

Ellie at her 8th Birthday Party!

Thanks to Rachel for all the hard work preparing the decorations for her daughter Ellie’s 8th birthday party! Dad’s high tech video projector added a touch of magical theatre to the back wall of the performing area as Ellie performed close up magic for all her friends….. with a little help by our professor ….. Well done Ellie!

A Huge Thank You!

The following message has just arrived by owl ……

Hello there! Thank you so much for coming to Borde Hill Gardens in Haywards Heath & bringing all your witch and wizard magical things to our Halloween half-term week. The week was a terrific success & we had some great feedback from those who attended, so thank you for your contribution. It was also really interesting to meet you and hear some of your stories! Thanks again for all that you did & all the best to you!

Swish & Flick….. Amanda Lane.

Elizabeth’s 7th birthday at Watton at Stone!

Thanks to Vanessa for sending some photos of her daughter, Elizabeth’s party which was held at Watton at Stone Village Hall …. just down the road from where Rupert Grint used to live! Everyone looked great in their costumes, especially Elizabeth and her elder brother.¬† Take a look below!

Warning ….. Stephen J. Brightman!

The Grand Hotel in Hartlepool had a visit from the professor yesterday when he entertained 7 young guests in the Jackson Room. I set off at 9 o’clock in the morning for the 5 hour trip and spent all day bringing a touch of magic to Swanston Street, ready for the evening start at 8 o’clock!

At 11 o’clock in the evening the party was over and everything had been packed away in my room. At half past midnight there was a knock at the door and the night porter, Stephen J. Brightman, a fully paid up member of the awkward squad, woke me up to announce that my dog was not allowed in the room, despite having been in the hotel all day and performing for our young guest wizards.

Overcome by his wit and charm, I was left with no alternative but to pack everything into my car and set off at half past one in the morning for a sleepless 5 hour trip through the night, arriving home at dawn. I have contacted the hotel manager, Craig, and have been offered an apology and a thoughtful cash offer for compensation  which I shall forward to our local animal shelter!

I think this young man deserves to be head boy of one of our houses …. I’ll let you guess which one!

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