Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Quiz

Test your Harry Potter knowledge with our latest quiz. You’ll need a NEWT exam grade that exceeeds expectations to answer them all ….. but you’ll find the answers in the COMMENTS …. Good luck!

1)  Which London bridge did the Death Eaters destroy?

2)  In what village did Harry & Dumbledore find Horace Slughorn?

3)  How was Horage Slughorn disguised?

4)  Whose old office did he use as Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts?

5)  Who is the Editor in Chief of the Daily Prophet?

6)  What type of shop did the Weasley Twins open in Diagon Alley?

7)  What spell repaired Harry Potter’s nose?

8)  What device did Luna Lovegood use to see through Harry’s Invisability Cloak?

9)  What is Felix Felicis more commonly known as?

10)  Where did the young Dumbledore visit Tom Riddle?

11)  Who fell in love with Ron Weasley and snogged him for 3 months?

12)  According to Hermione, who made Grawp look like a Gentleman?

13)  Who invented the Sectumsempra spell?

14)  Who was given a cursed necklace in the Three Broomsticks pub?

15)  How much does a Tentacular leaf cost?

16)  What type of cabinet was very popular at Hogwarts when Tom Riddle was a student?

17)  What magical subject did Tom Riddle discover in the Restricted Library?

18)  How much does a pint of Acromantula venom cost?

19)  How many people did Tom Riddle kill to divide his soul?

20)  Who left the note in the fake Horcrux?

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  1. amazingmagic51 says:

    1) Brockdale Bridge.
    2) Budleigh Babberton.
    3) He was disguised as an armchair.
    4) Galatea Merrythought’s old office.
    5) Barnabus Cuffe.
    6) A joke shop.
    7) The Episkey spell.
    8 Spectrespecs.
    9) Liquid Luck.
    10) Wool’s Orphanage.
    11) Lavender Brown.
    12) Cormack McLaggan.
    13) The Half Blood Prince himself …. Severus Snape.
    14) Katie Bell.
    15) Ten Galleons for each leaf!
    16) A Vanishing Cabinet.
    17) Horcruxes.
    18) One hundred Galleons!
    19) Seven.
    20) R.A.B.

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