Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban Quiz

Test your Potter knowlege with our 20 questions!   This test is a little more demanding so if you’re under the influence of the Confundus Charm, do not despair!  The answers are in the Comments section ….. but no peeking!!

1)  How many times was Wendelin the Weird burnt at the stake in various disguises?

2)  Where did Bill Weasley work as a curse breaker for Gringotts Bank?

3)  What was the name of Aunt Marge’s favourite dog?

4)  What spell illuminates the end of a wand?

5)  Who was the driver of the Knight Bus?

6)  Who was the Minister for Magic?

7)  What did Hermione want for her birthday?

8)  What was the name of Hermione Granger’s cat?

9)  Where was the headquarters for the 1612 Goblin Rebellion?

10)  Why did Professor Lupin dislike the full moon?

11)  Who taught Divination at the top of the North Tower?

12)  How do you calm a Monster Book of Monsters?

13)  Where would you find a Boggard?

14)  What spell opens the Marauder’s Map?

15)  What was the name of Hagrid’s Hippogriff?

16)  Who was guarding the corridor to the Gryffindor Tower?

17)  What device allows Hermione to attend two classes at the same time?

18)  Who punched Draco Malfoy?

19)  Who was the nurse at Hogwarts?

20)  What was James Potter’s nickname?

2 Responses to “Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban Quiz”

  1. amazingmagic51 says:

    1) 47 times!
    2) Egypt
    3) Ripper
    4) Lumos
    5) Ernie Prang
    6) Cornelius Fudge
    7) An Owl
    8) Crookshanks
    9) The Inn at Hogsmeade
    10) He was a werewolf
    11) Professor Sybill Trelawney
    12) You stroke its spine!
    13) Inside Professor Lupin’s Wardrobe
    14) “I solemny swear that I am up to no good”
    15) Buckbeak
    16) Sir Cadogan
    17) A Time Turner
    18) Hermione Granger
    19) Madame Pomfrey
    20) Prongs, named after his patronus … a stag!

    If you’d like a prize photo then please visit our Facebook page “Harry Potter Party” & click the “Photos” button. Click on a favourite photo and then right click to download it!

  2. amazingmagic51 says:

    Madam Poppy Pomfrey, the Hogwarts nurse also recommends reading our website to assist in the recovery from Muggle maladies ….. including pregnancies!

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